This is my regular 'ol Homepage. The place where I hang my hat, so to speak. It's where I started this Internet journey. From here you can go to a myriad of places, most of which I have created. Some are just links to different organizations that I belong to. It should give you a taste of who I am. I hope that you enjoy yourself and maybe even learn a little. Keep the Rubber Side Down and Don't Ever Give Up On Your Dreams. You can read my Bio HERE or go to my coaching website HERE



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Above is me when I graduated from Chico State, This is me 2 years later.-------------->

And below is me in the red suspenders taking a break with my brothers and sisiters from the UBNC at the Crossroads party.

This is me a couple of years ago at the Oregon State Chapmionships in Winston. That's the 142# Oregon Challenge Stone and I tossed it about eight feet. I won this championship in 2008. I won four Bronze medals at the World Championships in Scotland in 2006. This is what I do for fun besides riding my motorcycles and helping people.

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